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Email remains one of the most effective ways to reach an audience. Using an Opt-in database that can provide target marketing by geography and demography, a film can be marketed effectively and relatively inexpensively. With proven open rates and click through rates as high as 30 percent, Action Marketing Solutions can deploy email for any genre of film while also offering on-line, real time reporting. Below is a sample of an email created for Paramount Picture’s Nacho Libre starring Jack Black. Our email campaigns are 100% Can-Span compliant. Newsletters can also be created weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to keep your fan base in tune with the Studio/Production Company’s newest films and products. Newsletters can update audiences on the progress of the film and happenings on the set.
  • Sweepstakes and Giveaways
  • DVD discount offers
  • Film Update Recap Newsletters emailed to consumers
    with clips and interviews
  • Relatively inexpensive with high open rates
    and click throughs
  • Opt-In database and Can-Span compliant
On- Line Lead Generation & Database Augmentation

By placing single opt-in lines into co-registration paths throughout the internet and/or creating a landing page to capture an individual’s contact information, Studios and Production companies can augment their databases 100 fold as well as sell DVD’s on-line. Once consumers fill out these simple forms, their information is sent immediately, allowing you to email them instantaneously or send out targeted direct mail. Consumers can be entered into a sweepstakes tied to the film or express interest in discounted DVD sales. In addition, these consumers have “opted-in” for information regarding any future films the company releases.
  • Augment your database for email and direct mail for present and future campaigns
  • Real time information posted directly into your database for immediate use
  • Exclusive Opt-In consumer information specific to your firm’s offer
  • Allows for target marketing for individual films

Sweepstakes & Giveaways Facilitation

Consumers will always provide their contact information if they think they are getting something in return…especially if it's something for free. By initiating giveaways of movie tie-in products or signed 8x10 photographs of the actors/actresses, it helps to add value to the on-line form and create viral marketing. Action Marketing Solutions can expedite the creation of the form and Web site, drive traffic to the site, and facilitate the distribution of the giveaways.

Sweepstakes are another effective way to increase consumer visibility, especially when partnering with another business-to-consumer based firm. This will heighten your exposure by using the marketing outlets of two completely different companies. Sweepstakes could last as long as a year stretching the branding campaign out for as long as possible. Several drawings can be held throughout the year to narrow the number of registrants and heighten the excitement of the drawings. This type of campaign will definitely assist in creating interest and the giveaways can also be combined with a sweepstakes campaign
  • Giveaways & Sweepstakes will create viral marketing and return traffic to a film info site
  • Create registrations whereby consumers will fill out information and surveys
  • AMS will build all creatives, landing pages sites and facilitate giveaways
  • Increase Film exposure and visibility
  • Create excitement over the Film by doing multiple drawings over the course of the campaign
  • Combine efforts with other companies to partner up on sweepstakes campaigns

Action Marketing Solutions is presently accepting DVD’s of films for possible distribution. AMS has existing relationships with several theatrical and direct to DVD distribution firms and Studios. We have recently represented several films including The Genius Club, which was screened by MGM Studios’ distribution executives. Acceptance of a production company’s final product is completely based on the quality and marketability of the film.

Process: After a film is received, it will be promptly viewed by the AMS executives. If AMS sees value in the film, it will be sent to several affiliate distribution firms with the permission of the film's producer and/or representative. If and when a film is accepted, Action Marketing Solutions will then meet with the representative of the film and work out all details of payout and/or percentage points of gross national and international sales. Upon mutual agreement, contracts will be competed to finalize the distribution deal.
  • Create outlets for your Film through theatrical and/or DVD distribution
  • National and International releases for your Film
  • Assist in supplemental marketing for all genres of Film
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